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Tropical Far North Queensland

Flavours of Far North Queensland


The Crocodile is a major favour in the tropics. Crocodile flesh is tender and juicy and is compared between Pork or Chicken in taste. Crocodile is known as Australian bush tucker and is served at most popular restaurants in the Far North Queensland Cairns.


Kangaroo is a very popular flavour in Australia. Served in most Australian restaurants, there are many ways to eat it. "The best taste from Down Under." They call Kangaroo. Its tender and full of flavour, everybody from overseas should taste the flavour of Kangaroo.


Buffalo is much like most meats but has a stronger taste. It is very nutritious and has less cholesterol than chicken which makes Buffalo a perfect beef substitute for the health-conscious. Found in restaurants through out the Tropics and is an excellent treat with flavour.


The Emu has low fat red meat with reduced cholesterol. Taste like chicken and is a healthy choice for red meat because it is low in saturated fats and high in protein. Emu is also dried out and roasted with other flavours and is called Emu Jerky.


Barramundi is the Australian premier native sport fish. There is plenty of Barramundi in North Queensland. Goes well with lemon and roasted macadamias. The taste is similar to Coral Trout.


The Coral Trout is a fish much like Barramundi but has a high rating for its eating qualities. It can be found in the waters of the Far North. Extremely popular in restaurants and served good with light butter sauces, parsley and chives.


The delicious and juicy mango fruit has been one of the world's most popular fruits. The flavour is often described as an exotic mix of pineapple and peach. Which is very true. Mangoes are available to pick from April to September.


Paw Paw is a delicious and very nutritious fruit. It is very sweet in flavour and has a fruity orange flesh. Rich in vitamins A and C and potassium, low fat and cholesterol as well Goes great with salads.


The Lychee is very sweet and tangy, with a white semi-translucent flesh. High in vitamin C. They have a red thick skin which is easy to peal of for a quick snack.


The Rambutan is a red coloured fruit. Has a tangy taste very similar to the Lychee. With a sweet flesh. The naturally grown area of the Rambutan is in the South East of Asia. A very popular tropical fruit amongst locals in Queensland.

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