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In Cairns and the Tropical Far North there are countless activities for everyone and of all ages. 

Being located in such an idyllic location right next to the Great Barrier Reef you will no doubt find an abundance of water related activities such as SCUBA diving, snorkelling, reef cruises and fishing tours.

Cairns has become a must-visit destination for SCUBA divers from all around the world and during the coral spawning season becomes a mecca for divers to witness one of the most remarkable displays mother nature has to offer. Millions upon millions of tiny eggs are released into the ocean from the Coral Reef creating an underwater fireworks spectacular that man can only look upon in awe.

Snorkelling on the Barrier Reef

You can go on an introductory dive or a fully certified dive.  For those who don't like to get their feet wet there is always the comfort of glass bottom boats. So there isn't really an excuse not to explore all the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

All these great activities can be booked in advance or upon arrival through the numerous booking agencies throughout Cairns or the front reception of your hotel or motel.

There are numerous packages available for visitors to enjoy. You can go on a Balloon flight in the morning and White Water Rafting in the afternoon or go to the Barrier Reef


White water rafting

The options are limitless so it is best to plan the time that you have in Cairns to take in all highlights. There are a variety of tour booking agencies in and around the City and are staff are warm and friendly and are very helpful in making the most of your stay in Cairns.

Some operators specialise in one activity but some combine several activities into one itinerary. Ask for these special packages when booking, as they are value for money and includes transfers to and from your next activity saving you time and money.

or just simply relax......

Most activities have free pickups from your Cairns accommodation. Please check with individual operators if they do provide this service.


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