Cairns Visitors Information Guide
Tropical Far North Queensland



Where the mountains hug the coast and the Coral Sea bring the drenching rains to the lowlands and creates the lush and complex world of the tropical rainforests.

Our North Queensland's rainforests are renowned for their diverse mix of Flora and Fauna, from the scenic grandeur on the Atherton Tablelands that are carpeted by steamy jungles, towering over the lowlands to The Great Dividing Range that rises to the peaks and gorges of the Mount Windsor Tableland, these precipitous mountain slopes are covered in thick forest and plunge uninterrupted, down to the shorelines of the coast.

Tranquil stream meandering
through the rainforest

For the best of both worlds wander through the oldest rainforest on earth, "The Daintree", not World Heritage Listed till 1989, here the Rainforest literally meets the Reef on a stretch of coast that captivates visitors time after time, with it's mix of golden beaches, scenic headlands, aqua waters with coral gardens and jungle-covered mountains.

The Daintree rainforest has towering fan palms that stretch towards the sunlight that filters through the canopies of the abundant rainforest, while the brilliant colours of the tropical flowers enliven the surrounds. Hiding in this lush paradise are some of Australia's most spectacular wildlife.

You can catch glimpses of the lively parrots and eye-catching butterflies as they fly through the tops of the trees or the timid and friendly lizards that scurry across the rainforest floors. Taking a guided tour at night allows you to see some of the nocturnal animals come to life.

Because our Rainforests ,which now only covers less than 10% of the earth's land surface, are the most complex and diverse ecosystems on earth, being home to more than half of the world's plant and animal species, not forgetting to mention a valuable source of cultivated plants that are used for drugs and medicines, is why we must utilise the few remains of our forests wisely and therefore there are some important things to remember when visiting them.

Everything is protected:

  • Don't pick, break or remove plant matter.
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Leave your pets at home: they chase, scare and even kill the local wildlife.
  • Whatever you do, don't be tempted to feed the wildlife. Human food can be harmful to the animals and feeding may lead to aggressive behaviour.



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